2290online.com Customer Testimonials

Our client testimonials reveal why so many transportation professionals choose the J. J. Keller® 2290online service to e‑file their Form 2290 Heavy Vehicle Use Tax (HVUT).

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This was so easy to use. All my information was stored from previous years. It was fast, and I have confidence that it's done right! I love using this service and would recommend it to anyone. The cost is minimal for the peace of mind knowing it's done and done right!

Trucker123 | Wisconsin

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Easy Work Flow

I have been using this site for several years to file our 2290 with great ease. I trained someone new on updating for the current year. She was a bit concerned but went through the process with no problems.

B1597 | Winston Salem, NC

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This Site Saves Me A Lot of Time!!!

I use this site every year for filing. It's simple and someone is always there during business hours to help or answer any questions that may come up.

las 3406 | Black Mountian, N.C.

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Totally Uncomplicated!

I had to file a 2290 tax return so that I could finish my application for apportioned tags. I was not familiar with this form, so the fact that J. J. Keller made this so easy was wonderful. The best thing about the site was that within the hour, I had a verified IRS form that I could send in to the state to finish my application.

Jo | Arkansas

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Held My "Hand" for E-Filing of Form 2290!

J. J. Keller always helps with every step of E-Filling Form 2290. I had to add a truck we just purchased and wasn't sure how to e-file in the middle of the year - your staff helped me and made the process quick and painless. Love J. J. Keller for E-Filling! They really know what they are doing and are so professional - Thank you!!!!

Adelle | Orlando, FL

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Purchasing My 2290 Through J. J. Keller Saved Me Money and Time

This company has done exactly what they stated on line. I'm always leary of online business with new companies, but this company has done better than I expected and I recommend them.

Chilly | Okeene, Oklahoma

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This Product Saved My Sanity

The program saved me unknown countless hours of my time, agrivation and looking for answers and ways to get this completed. It's great! 

Chuck | Boston, Mass

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They Make 2290 Extremely Easy

Great people to work with for your 2290 needs and problems! Always get what I need. Won't use anyone else.

MD Long | Gas City, IN